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Published on 28 January 2011

ECAT Holiday Programme Terms and Conditions


1. Enrolment

1.1 A full complete enrolment is required in order for your child to be accepted on the programme. A complete enrolment includes primary contact details, emergency contact details, notification of health issues, and permission form completed.

1.2 It is parents responsibility to keep our records of their child/rens enrolment up to date.

1.3 The ECAT Committee reserves the right of refusing or cancelling enrolment at any time, without providing reason for doing so;

      1.3.1 Any member or person guilty of improper or insulting behaviour at any time towards the ECAT Committee or any other member thereof.

      1.3.2 Any member or person may be suspended for such periods as the ECAT Committee determines, or may be expelled as a member from ECAT.


2. Fees

2.1 Full payment is required before the commencement of the Holiday Programme.

2.2 Your place is not confirmed until we have received your fees.

2.3 No refunds will be made after the due date for any cancellations, sickness or absences. 

2.4 In the case of an accident, injury or illness, emergency medical care may be required. This will be at parents expense should they be unable to be contacted immediately.

2.5 Parents will incur a $16.00 late pick up fee for any pick ups after the session time booked. 

2.6 Strict adherence to pick up times whether it be 3.30 or 6.00pm is expected.


3. Sickness / Cancellations / Absenteeism

3.1 ECAT staff are not responsible for taking care of sick children.ECAT has the responsibility of ensuring the wellbeing of other children so please leave sick children at home.

3.2 If child/ren become sick during the programme, parents will be contacted and expected to collect their child/ren at the earliest possible opportunity. 

3.3 In the event your child/ren is going to be absent for any reason on the day/s scheduled to attend, please contact the programme manager immediately.  


4. Staff and Management

4.1 ECAT staff will exercise all reasonable steps to ensure the health, safety and well being of all children at all times.

4.2 ECAT staff are not responsible for disciplining children in attendance. Any issues or matters that arise will be passed onto parents for action.

4.3 If continued misbehaviour is causing on-going disrutption to ECAT staff and/or other children, matters will be formally raised with parents. If matters are deemed serious enough, the process that will be followed is: 

      4.3.1 A formal warning will be issued. This will include a formal meeting with ECAT Committee.

      4.3.2 A written warning will be issued (if the necessary behaviour improvements have not been made).

      4.3.3 Dismissal from ECAT Holiday Programme. 

4.4 Acceptable standards of behaviour are entirely at the discretion of the ECAT Operations Manager(s).

4.5 Threatening language and behaviour will not be tolerated at any time. Whether this is towards ECAT staff, ECAT Committee members or ECAT children. A high level of profssionalism is expected from both parents, children and staff. If a situation has been deemed inapproriate and serious enough, immediate dismissal from ECAT will be at the sole discretion of the Committee. 


5. Programme

5.1 Specific activities may be subject to change due to unfortunate or unforeseen circumstances e.g weather. 


6. Property

6.1 ECAT will not accept liability for the loss or damage to child's property.

6.2 Any items left in the "lost property" basket by the end of each Holiday Programme will be donated to the Miramar Salvation Army.


7. Parent's Obligations

7.1 Parents will provide appropriate clothing for their children. These include sun hats, warm and spare clothes.

7.2 Parents (or authorised person) are to sign their children in and out every day noting drop off and pick up times. 

7.3 If parents wish for their child/ren to walk to and from base, and unavailable to sign their child/ren in and out, they must personally provide written consent that is signed and dated.

7.4 Parents are to provide food for morning tea and lunch.

7.5 Extra is advised for children attending After Care as ECAT will not be providing afternoon tea.

7.6 For safety reasons, ECAT will not provide "Hot Boiling Water" for food such as noodles. 

7.7 If child/ren need to take medication during the programme, parents are required to complete the medicine registration form for details which will be provided at base.

7.8 Parents are required to provide ventolin if their child is asthmatic.