ECAT After School Programme Schedule



2.30pm - Staff Set Up

Staff prepare afternoon tea. Complete safety checks. List of children ready for pick up. 


2.50pm - 3:25pm - Children Pick Up

A staff member will be on the Tranzit bus as well as a staff member at each school to pick up children from Worser Bay School, Miramar North School, Miramar Christian School, Seatoun School, Te Kura Kaupapa O Nga Mokopuna, St Anthonys School and Kaurangi School. 

Another staff member will pick up children from Miramar Central School and Holy Cross and walk them over. 

EBIS (Evans Bay Intermediate School) to make their own way to base - preferably bus. 


3.25pm - Children Start to Arrive 

As afternoon tea is already prepared, the children will help themselves on their arrival. Afternoon tea consists of Fruits and Vegetables (apples, pears, oranges, tomatoes, kiwifruits, cucumber, banana and carrots), Crackers and multi-grain bread for spread sandwitches (butter, jam and peanut butter). From Tuesday to Friday the children may have cheese melted on their bread. On cold days we also provide toast bread. On occasions we have treat days which my include grapes, Nuttella Spread, hot chips or wraps. 


3.30pm - All children at Home Base 

We do roll call to ensure we are not missing any children. If any missing children, we will contact their parent's or emergency contact persons immediately. After roll call we go over any necessary rules and emergency procedures to ensure safety for all. We have "sharing time" which allows up to 3 children to share how their day/week was. We then go over the plan for the day and the days activity.


4.00pm - Today's planned activity

 We run different activities such as clay, painting, glitter painting, paper coloage, sports activities, quiz, scatergories, cooking and many more every day of every week. We aim to implement activities suitable for all and that it accomodates everyone's interest. 


5.00pm - Quite time 

Quite Time (Monday - Thursday) is an opportunity for ECAT children to slow down, find a book and read. This time also an opportunity for them to do their homework. This way staff may assist one on one with homework. 


5.20pm - Free time / Game

Staff member will run a game or activity for the children as an alternative to free time. Children may also continue to read or do homework in the quite room (back room). 


6.00pm ECAT Close