ECAT Fees Structure 2019


For the 2019 year, ECAT has the following fee structure.

Children will enrol for a full term (i.e. Term 1) and book specific days across that term. 

A term booking can be cancelled at anytime with written notice to ECAT no less than 2 weeks in advance.


2019 ECAT Terms dates are as follows:


Term 1, 2019: Monday, 4 February - Friday, 12 April

Term 2, 2019: Monday, 29 April - Friday, 5 July

Term 3, 2019: Monday 22 July - Friday 27 September

Term 4, 2019: Monday, 14 October - Friday, 20 December


Again in 2019, all fees must be paid 2 weeks in advance and by automatic payment.

This is aimed at reducing administration costs, reducing the number of non-payments, and reducing the overall cost of operating ECAT.



Full Term Fee Paying Children 

 Session time     1 Child    2 Children    3 Children
  3:00pm - 6:00pm     $20.00     $30.00    $38.00


Changes to Enrolment

ECAT enrolment details can be changed at any time in writing with no less than two-weeks notice.

Any change in attendance days must be clearly stated on the letter advising ECAT.

A $15.00 administration fee is payable at the time of the change.



Fee Discounts 

A 10% discount is available to ECAT Members that book and enrol 1, 2 or 3 full-time children for a School Term  i.e. Term 1 - 2019. (Excludes WINZ subsidised enrolments)

To be eligible for the discount, you will need to book and pay for an entire term, the discount will be applied at the end of term in the form of a credit note. If your child is finishing up at the end of that term, a 10% refund on fees will be provided. 

This discount is aimed at building a good base of full-time students and ensuring continuity of service for all ECAT members.


Casual Fees for Children 

 Session time     1 Child    2 Children    3 Children
  3:00pm - 6:00pm     $26.00    $36.00    $44.00


Conditions of Booking Casual Students: Casual Fees must be paid in advance to confirm your place on the roster.

The same late pick up penalties apply for casual bookings as well.


Payment Details

 Bank: ANZ

Account: 01 0504 0014908 00

Reference: Child's name (Last Name, First Name)



Late Pick-up Penalties

Occasionally, things happen and we can't always get to our kids on time.

The bus is late (or doens't come at all), traffic is at a stand-still due to a traffic accident, whatever.

We understand this and don't want to penalise people unnecessarily.

However, please note, you must call the ECAT team and let them know you are going to be late.

We only have the hall booked until 6pm, when often other groups will be coming into use the hall. 

If reasonable notice that you are going to be late is given, we can make arrangements to stay slightly later.

If you fail to call and inform staff that you are going to be delayed, a $20.00 penalty payment will on occasion be charged.