Daniel Mangin (ECAT Operations Manager)


Daniel is the one half of the ECAT management team responsible for the dat-to-day running of ECAT.

 "Hi, I'm Daniel. I enjoy working with childen, grew up in Strathmore/Miramar. Play softball for Miramar. In winter I am an active rugby referee. Work during the day as a teacher aide at Miramar North School"

Katrina Carras (ECAT Operations Manager 2IC)


Katrina is the other half of the ECAT operations management team responsible for the dat-to-day running of ECAT.

"I'm a mother of three grown beautiful children. My background is in medical administration/reception for a medical practice for over 5 Years and teaching private swimming lessons to children as young as 5 for 3 years. I love working with children I find it extremely rewarding".

Jordyn Shuen (ECAT Operations Manager 3IC)


My name is Jordyn and I am originally from the Bay of Plenty. I moved to Wellington to study Design at Massey University. I have previous experience within a primary school setting which began my passion for teaching and childcare.


Peter Kamberogiannis (Assistant Care Giver)


 "Hi, my name is Petros Kamberogiannis. I was born in New Jersey (USA) and grew up in Wellington most of my life.

I enjoy fishing and water sports. I also enjoy introducing new things to children such as games, activities and cooking".

Michael Androutsos (Assistant Care Giver)


Hi, I am Michael. I was born in Wellington to a Greek father and a NZ/European mother. I graduated with a diploma in management. I developed a passion working with children when I was a coach for Wynton Rufer’s football academy and I believe in creating an environment where children can feel safe and free to grow and express themselves.

Lucy Brown (Assistant Care Giver)


Hi, I’m Lucy. I was born and raised in Wellington with 2 younger brothers and worked at a childcare centre before coming to ECAT. I love exploring Wellington in my spare time and one of my favourite places to go is Seatoun beach.

Adriana Harkness (Assistant Care Giver)


Hi, I’m Adriana. I was Born in Seattle (USA) and have grown up in Whangarei. I now reside in Wellington where I am studying towards a degree in education. I love working with the kids because they keep me mindful, reminding me to appreciate the smaller joys life has to offer.

Richard Beere (Assistant Care Giver)


Kia Ora, I’m Richard. I came from Napier where I worked at several after-school care programmes. I have a background in writing and oral communication and I want to create a safe-learning environment that encourages children to be creative and their true selves.

Jennifer Lee (Assistant Care Giver)


Hi I’m Jennifer. I am passionate about helping children to achieve their potential and creating supportive environments where children can thrive. This has currently lead me to pursue a masters in Educational Psychology. In my spare time I enjoying cooking, baking, hiking and doing yoga.

Amelia Wood (Assistant Care Giver)


My name is Amelia. I hold a qualification in nannying and childcare education. I am also a cosplayer who loves reading, watching movies, cooking, arts and crafts. I am a big disney fan and I have a passion for childcare.