ECAT Emergency Procedures


Miramar Community Centre - Civil Defence Centre

We are very fortunate to have the Miramar Community Centre as our home base as this very building is also a Civil Defence Centre. "Civil Defence Centres are known gathering points for the community after a major disaster or emergency. They are activated and operated entirely by the public and act as a hub for the coordination of community emergency response" - Wellington City Council. 


Evacuation Procedure

Staff members will calmly line everyone onsite in an orderly fasion to the nearest and safest fire exit. They will then evacuate everyone to the very back of the playground field on to the blue safety playground surface (Where the swings are located). This very location is our "Fire Safety Zone".

Another staff member will be assigned to grab the emergency/evacuation bag with all the essentials including the enrollment folder with all contact details. While everyone is being evacuated, the warden for the day will ensure he/she will be the last to leave the building. The warden will check every room of the building and will leave noone behind. 

Once everyone has been counted for in roll call, staff member in charge will contact parent's for immediate pick up.



In an event of an earthquake, children will be prepared and expected to get in to the turtle body formation. If near a table, children will resume the turtle formation under the table holding the legs if possible. If near a doorway, children will stand under and hold on to the door frame. 

When the Earthquake has stopped, a staff member in charge will then assess if safe to come out of the turtle body formation. ECAT will then execute the Evacuation procedure. 



In an event of a fire, ECAT will execute the Evacuation procedure. 



In an event of a Tsunami, ECAT will execute the Evacuation procedure. However, instead of evacuating to the "Fire Safety Zone", everyone will make their way to the very top of Anthens St (Intersection point of Athens St, Townsend Road and Otaki St). This Very location will be our "Tsunami Safety Zone". ECAT will contact parent's and expect pick up from this very location. If communication becomes difficult, a post will also be made online either on our website or Facebook page (which will be made available very soon) as a form of communication. ECAT will remain at this very location until all children have been collected. 


ECAT Operating Policy


The following Policies are outline much of how ECAT is operated by the ECAT team. These Policies have been developed and audited by the Ministry of Social Development. The full policy detail will not be listed here, however, if you request an application pack to be sent to you, a full list of policies will be provided in the pack for you to look over.

Our current ECAT Operational Policy includes:


Transport Policy

To ensure the safe transportation of children from school and to and from excursions with the ECAT holiday programme.


Holiday Programme Excursions  Policy

To ensure that excursions away from ECAT base are carried out safely.


Supervision Policy

To ensure children are appropriately supervised at ECAT.


Sun Safety Policy

To ensure that children are protected from the sun’s harmful ultra violet rays


Staff Recruitment Policy

To ensure ECAT recruit the best applicant for the role and appropriately train new employees. 


Identified Medical and Special Needs Policy

To keep children with medical conditions and special needs safe and ensure ECAT staff know how to care for these children.


Illness and Medications Policy

To provide a safe environment for children who have become unwell, require first aid or medical administration.


Smoke Free Policy

To provide a smoke free environment ofr children, staff and parents.


Healthy Eating Policy

To promote and encourage healthy eating for children.


Enrolment Policy

Clear procedures for enrolling children


Collection of and Access to Children Policy

Clear procedures for the collection and access to children.


Missing Children Policy

Clear procedures for dealing with a missing child.


Emergency Procedures and Evacuation Plan

Clear procedures for keeping children and staff safe in an emergency.


Accident and Incident Management Policy

Clear procedures for dealing with an injured child or staff member


Behaviour Management Policy

Clear procedures for dealing with childrens behaviour whilst at ECAT


Child Protection Policy

Cler procedures for dealing with suspected child abuse.


Animals at ECAT Policy

To provide guidelines on how to manage animals at ECAT.


Complaints Procedure Policy

To provide guidelines on how to handle complaints.


Cellphone Policy

To provide guidelines on the use of cellphones by staff and children at ECAT.